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Calvary’s having a yard sale!  Through Friday at 3 pm you can shop and take home some treasures AND contribute to the Shalom Scholarship Fund.  There’s a penguin bobble-head soap dispenser, giant Chinese paper fan, great crocodile slippers. . . . What could be better than that (other than the Jello cookbook and Kerry 2004 decal that have already sold)?


Don’t ask me how Carol came into possession of Xtina, but it worked to our advantage, cause she showed up!

The original price was 50c, but Courtney pledged $5 if she’d hang out in Paul’s office for a bit:

Then for $15, this happened:

And for $50:

This even became Pastor Amy’s FB photo!

We’re now $110 shy of a $300 whole-staff (minus Pastor Edgar) seductively-posing photo.  Getting PE on board will run some more, and Holly is now investigating what it would take to get everyone decked out in nautical gear and props.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

So friends, the gauntlet is thrown, and the possibilities are endless.  How much are you going to pledge to send someone to college, AND get an awesome photo (that’s even tax deductible)?  Personally, I think that’s worth quite a lot, and just imagine:  if Xtina raises some good funds, maybe Rick and Carol will even consider parting with their cardboard Jack Sparrow cutout too . . .

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